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This is a short-story by Vivaporius. It is about the average day in the life of Binadamu Madora, leader of the Xai'athi.


As Nyanda's blue sun, Shina, rises on the horizon, Caria begins shaking her husband to wake him up for work.

"Binadamu, wake up. You have to get to the labs," stated a tired Caria.

As Caria's insistent rocking began to take it's toll, Binadamu finally began to come to. "Aww. Just a few minutes more, please," said Binadamu in an equally tired tone, "So sleepy."

"I don't care," Caria stated in an authoritorian tone, "you have work to do."

At that, Binadamu crawled out of bed, slipping from underneath the blankets as he attempt to reach for his holo-watch. Caria began nudging him toward the bathroom to shower and prepare for the day, as she herself attempted to get out of bed, though in a poor attempt to appear ready for the day's challenges, hitting the floor in a sloppy manner.

Allowing himself a giggle at the expense of his wife, Binadamu prepared himself for another day on the fortress world.

Having donned his black robes, and holstered his weapons, Binadamu sets off to the labratories in the underbellies of the Madaraka Citadel to begin his day.

Upon enter the labs, Binadamu calls on the head researcher, "Gillian! Where are you," bellowed the energetic leader, "Let's go!"

A thin young woman pops up out of nowhere, and calls back, "I'm coming, I'm coming! Just slow the hell down!"

"Don't use that tone with me girl! I'll slap those braces right out of your mouth," replies an insulted Binadamu.

"I'm sorry, sorry," says Gillian, in a rather weak and fearful tone. "So, what will we be working on today sir," states the young scientist, in an attempt to change the subject.

"I don't know yet. How are those new Dread Blades coming along," Binadamu had given his assistents perrmission to develop new versions of the Xai'athi Dread Blades weeks ago, and was eager to see some results.

"Well, uh," Gillian composure, in an attempt to cover up her team's failings, completely gives her away to Binadamu's piercing glare.

"What did you do Gillian?"

"Nothing sir, nothing at all."


"Uh, well, the tests were a failure. One of the designers was disembowed, and had to be rushed to a hospital. Also, one of the new fusion rifles exploded in a tester's hands, and a new warbot from Iconius ripped a programmer in half. Plus..." at which point Binadamu cuts her off.

"Wait, there's more," as Binadamu, in total disbelief, prepares himself for another barrage of bad news.

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