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Malheureux Rift


L'Empereur Secteur


Cœur de l'Empire




70 billion


Solaris Federation

  • Vashti Dominion


Civilized World


  • Vash
  • Orphelins
"Cristaux is the most depressing place in the galaxy, yet every Vashti dreams of having a home there."
—Kansela Rafiki

Cristaux is the captial of the Vashti Dominion and an important political, economical, and industrial centre within the Solaris Federation. It has served as the capital of the Dominion sense 001.M11, as the seat to the Cour Impériale. It home to the wealthist Vashti in the Federation and the Imperial leader, Impératrice Akasha Madora. It is the dream of all Vashti to live on Cristaux, though to non-Vashti, the planet is considered the most boring place in the galaxy. It is a marvel of Gothic architechure and city-planning, with gardens, beautiful boulvards, and massive cathedrals with glemming stained-glass windows. The Vashti put in their best effort to beautify the planet, and fortified it to the greatest possible extent.



The planet of Cristaux had been known to the Vashti ever since they discovered and mapped the interior of the Malheureux Rift in M6. It set at the direct center of the rift, making it the perfect canidate for a potential homeworld for the Vashti. It was set aside as one of the possible locations for the Imperial Court of the Vashti, which was highest Vashti authority in the Solaris Federation, just short of the multi-ethic Bunge. In 922.M7, the Vashti court agreed to send a fleet of colony ships to Cristaux, after Dieujuste Archambeau's creation of nullium, which allowed larger ships to pass the barrier of black holes that made up the Malheureux Rift.