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"My family is everywhere. If I were to pull up a list of names of those living on Terra alone, it would exceed the number of people it takes to run an Imperial battleship. I don't even want to imagine how many are living across the galaxy."
—Binadamu Madora

The Madora Family is perhaps the most powerful and influential family in the known galaxy, with holdings across the galaxy, members in high-ranking positions in several empires and organizations (including the Imperium of Man), and commanding the respect of entire species. They history can be traced back to M3, and even at that time, they were still a powerful force. Their largest holding that of the Solaris Federation, and it's people, the Xai'athi. Little is known about their history preceding the birth of it's current patriarch, Binadamu Madora. However, since the time of their creation, the Xai'athi have been recording and studing the history of the Madora Family, ensuring that following generations know of their creators. Binadamu is the sole reason his family exist today, as it was his leaving Terra in 302.M4 that saved the family for the future. He loosely guides the actions of the Madora Family, but allows them to do as they please. Such is the size of the family, that it's members go by different names, and have varying degrees of how they wish to carry out their lives and complete their goals. However, all of it's members are in constant contact with one another, and all share the same goal, which happens to be bringing the entire galaxy under the umbrella of the Madoras.


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