Map of the Maikal System

The Maikal system is the home system of the Maikalian species, who are native to the worlds in the solar system. Home to nine planets, all of Maikal's worlds are habitable, though many feel that the system was created by someone as not only are all of the worlds too pristine and out of place to have been formed naturally, but there are not gas giants, a near impossibility with all of the raw material around that would naturally form into one. Regardless, each of the nine planets in the system serves as a homeworld for each of the nine sub-species that make up the Maikalian race. There are more than forty billion inhabitants in the solar system, and home to the major interplanetary government known as the Maikalian Brotherhood, which oversees all trade, security, and law enforcement between all of the worlds within the system.



Random I · II · III · IV · V · VI · VII · VIII · IX · X · XI
Xai I · II · III · IV · V · VI · VII · VIII · IX · X · XI · XII · XIII · XIV · XV · XVI
Vespians I · II · III · IV · V · VI · VII
Maikal I · II · III · IV · V · VI · VII
Xyon I · II · III · IV · V · VI · VII
Mikaeans I · II · III · IV · V · VI · VII · VIII
Nyr I · II · III
Aluxia I · II · III
League of Civilized Worlds I · II · III · IV
Project Genesis I
Vision 2020 I · II · III · IV · V

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