Background on the Mikaeans and their civilization.


  • All Mikaeans are born to a single male Mikaean, who can produce up to 300 million offspring once every three months.
  • All Mikaeans, with the exception of the patriarch and several dozen sons, are female.


  • The Mikaean race originates from the planet of Gliese 832 c, which is covered entirely in a thick haze of fog and rain clouds.
  • Gliese 832 c is 1.5 times the size of Earth, and about 80% of the planet is covered by land.
  • Rainfall is constant on the planet. The skies are bright grey and the surface tends to be foggy throughout the year.


  • Mikaean governments are autocratic by default, with a single patriarch governing with no checks on his power.



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