Feral Mikaeans are female members of the race who's mental capacity never developed to the point of making decisions based on logic or ethics, and is left in a "barbarous" state by the standards of the government. These particular Mikaeans are wild and violent, and are typically pushed into the untamed regions of Xyon's land by the state. Though ferals are violent, they are not animalistic, and have some understanding of familial bonds, companionship, hierarchies, and community, and some feral Mikaeans of exceptional intelligence have been shown to establish mini-feudal states in the lands abandoned by the federal government of Xyon. Feralism is not strictly defined by the state, and is rather divided into categories based on the degree of feralism in a female Mikaean. There are those with no feralistic tendencies, those with mild feral behavior and prone to bouts of uncontrollable anger, and those who are fully feralistic, with no filter and no ability to reason beyond their base desires.

Feral Mikaeans total some 30 million people on the planet, and exist within the rural, mountainous regions of northern and southern Xyon, where the state has made no attempt to develop the land. In spite of the vast technological progress made by the Mikaeans in their four thousand years of history, there exist high levels of poverty, regression, and even feral behavior in many areas of the planet. These barbaric members of Mikaean civilization reside in small villages and compounds throughout the arboreal wildernesses of Xyon, and typically raid the mining and forestry camps of workers, or outskirts of urban centers in some of Xyon's poorest sectors. Indeed, some of the more "advanced" feral bands armed with firearms are known to spread havoc throughout entire regions as they grow larger in number and more powerful day by day, to the point where the military itself must intervene. However, most are spear-wielding tribals who reside at the edge of society, and generally avoid contact with their sisters.

The feral population is sustained by a large number of Mikaean girls who's mental capacity has not developed fully, preventing them from integrating into wider Mikaean society as a whole. Due to the taboo of killing off members of one's own household, the caretakers of the creches raise these mentally feral girls for the standard six years as required by the state; at the time of typical transfer to a coterie outside of the creche, the caretakers instead round up all known feral Mikaeans and instead drop them off at a remote location in the wilderness. These feral girls are left to their own devices, and with only the skills they were taught in the creches, left to survive or die by themselves. Crude bonding typically occurs among the girls who were dropped off together, and together, the work to survive in the vast redwood forests of Xyon, and establish communities made up from other feral Mikaeans who were abandoned in the region by the caretakers.

List of households on XyonEdit

This is a list of the thirty existing households of Xyon, listed in chronological order by the date of their formation. All Mikaeans belong to a household as a consequence of their birth and the reproductive cycle of their species. Each household is led by a High Patron, who is the biological father of all archons within it. These archons themselves are the father of all spawned Mikaeans within their assigned districts, who are in turn the grandchildren of the High Patron of the household. As such, households are massive nuclear families which have played a paramount role in the development of Mikaean civilization.

First SonsEdit

The First Sons were the first eight households established on Xyon by the creator of the Mikaeans, Mikael O'Neill. These eight are the oldest houses on the planet, and the origin of all other existing households on Xyon. They are the wealthiest and most powerful of the thirty existing households, and are keen to brag of their position to all other Mikaeans. Of the eight, House O'Neill is the largest and most powerful, and has dominated Mikaean civilization since its inception as the named household of the father of the species. House O'Neill also holds the record for the largest number of son households, ten in total, the largest of which being House Marshall.

  • House O'Neill – Created by Mikael O'Neill in 1 YM
  • House Morgan – Created by Mikael O'Neill in 1 YM
  • House Veilleux – Created by Mikael O'Neill in 1 YM
  • House Nazarov – Created by Mikael O'Neill in 1 YM
  • House Arcenaux – Created by Mikael O'Neill in 1 YM
  • House Duran – Created by Mikael O'Neill in 1 YM
  • House Kane – Created by Mikael O'Neill in 1 YM
  • House Kordan – Created by Mikael O'Neill in 1 YM

Rouge FathersEdit

The Rogue Fathers were the first households established outside of the original eight created by Mikael. They were created by five rogue archons belonging to House O'Neill, House Veilleux, and House Arcenaux, following disputes within both over power and resources. One of the archons fled over the ocean to the island of Mitchell in the west, while the other four fled over the TBD Mountains and into the Ebon Basin, establishing the Metian Empire which would rule the region for the next three and a half thousand years.

  • House Archambeau – Created by TBD in 337 YM; from House Veilleux
  • House Mason – Created by TBD in 337 YM; from House O'Neill
  • House Shaw – Created by TBD in 337 YM; from House O'Neill
  • House Ward – Created by TBD in 337 YM; from House O'Neill
  • House Devereux – Created by TBD in 339 YM; from House Arcenaux

The CanonicalsEdit

The Canonicals were three households established during the Canonical era in Mikaean history. They were founded by House O'Neill and House Arcenaux after a secondary route into the Eastern Region, known as the Azaran Corridor, was discovered. This allowed for the great houses to completely circumvent the Metians in the Central Region without having to use a sea route. For its part in providing the maps and explorers, Arcenaux got the most fertile portion of land in the area, creating House Vandame.

  • House Hayes – Created by TBD in 1719 YM; from House O'Neill
  • House Boyd – Created by TBD in 1719 YM; from House O'Neill
  • House Vandame – Created by TBD in 1719 YM; from House Arcenaux

Pioneer HousesEdit

The Pioneer Houses were six households established by archons dispatched by their High Patrons to settle the virgin territories of eastern Xyon, following the discovery of the Northeastern Vein. All six make up the Eastern Region of Xyon, and have had a longer history of peace and cooperation than those in the Western Region, thanks to the fresh start they had, and the need to cooperate for survival in the face of the various threats they faced throughout history.

  • House Marshall – Created by TBD in 1720 YM; from House O'Neill
  • House Michaux – Created by TBD in 1720 YM; from House Veilleux
  • House Graham – Created by TBD in 1720 YM; from House O'Neill
  • House Vikashev – Created by TBD in 1720 YM; from House Nazarov
  • House Harper – Created by TBD in 1727 YM; from House Morgan
  • House Blair – Created by TBD in 1729 YM; from House Kane

Exiled ArchonsEdit

The Exiled Archons were three Nazarov archons who, in a dispute with several of their brothers, established three new households in the Northern Region of Xyon. Seeking to resolve the dispute over succession peacefully, the three archons left their homeland for the north to establish their new homes. These households, Yakunin, Surnin, and Madulin, all maintain strong ties with their progenitor household, acknowledging the self-imposed exile of their fathers to the far north of Xyon.

  • House Yakunin – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House Nazarov
  • House Surnin – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House Nazarov
  • House Madulin – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House Nazarov

The ExodustersEdit

The Exodusters are a series of households founded during the Second Great Diaspora during the Tribulation era, at a time when warfare had peaked across the planet. Seeking to protect themselves and their daughters from the conflict, several archons along the peripheral edges of the great households, fled into the yet unexplored wildernesses of northern and southern Xyon, and established new households there. The Exodusters today possess a strong disdain for the traditional houses due to their violence and lack of concern for fellow Mikaeans.

  • House Lyons – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House Morgan
  • House Halphen – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House Arcenaux
  • House Grayson – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House Marshall
  • House Wilson – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House Marshall
  • House Kirillov – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House Nazarov
  • House Merkushev – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House Nazarov
  • House Warren – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House Morgan
  • House Garret – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House Arcenaux
  • House Hayden – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House O'Neill

Twin BrothersEdit

The Twin Brothers were two households established by two archons exiled by House O'Neill to the rugged and hostile lands of the Southern Region, as a punishment for their disobedience to their High Patron. The youngest of the thirty households, Webb and Boyd are regarded poorly, and disdain for them is widespread for their founders' disloyalty to their father. Both are today the two weakest households on the planet, and have historically struggled to make their mark in politics due to their lack of political power and representation in the federal government.

  • House Webb – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House O'Neill
  • House Byrd – Created by TBD in 0 YM; from House O'Neill

List of political parties on XyonEdit

Major partiesEdit

  • Xyon Federalist Party – The Xyon Federalist Party (XFP) was the first political party established within the unified government of Xyon, and is the largest party on the planet. Founded by TBD in 3752 YM, the Federalist Party was created to organize the new members of government around a single set of ideologies and policies that would allow them to carry out the affairs of state in a unified manner. Built around the preservation of the goals of the constitution of Xyon, that is – to maintain the unity of Xyon, prevent patrimonal domination, and promote equity for all Mikaeans – the Federalists gained much support throughout the population, as well as with the high patrons themselves, content to pursue their own desires outside of politics. However, over the decades, corruption spread throughout the party in its complete monopoly of power on the planet, leading to the formation of several opposition parties only sixty years into its administration. Since then, the Federalists have struggled with corruption, government waste, scandals, and a weakening grasp of power in the government. However, the Federalist Party still has power bases throughout the planet, most notably in O'Neill, the most populous sector on Xyon, as well in Morgan, Marshall, and Grayson, just to name a few of the many sectors under its total control.
  • Xyon Regional Alliance – The Xyon Regional Alliance (XRA) was the first party founded in direct opposition to the Federalist Party, more as a reactionary protest to unification, and the growing corruption of the Federalists over the decades. The XRA argues that a centralized government was not in line with the goals of Father Mikael when he came to Xyon, as he never established a government of any kind within Mikaean society, and left them to find their own way in life. As such, the Regionalists promote sectorial rights and self-governance with only limited federal interference and oversight, leaving the various sectors to collect taxes, maintain defense, and pass laws in a more independent manner. It should be noted that while the Regionalists oppose the Federalists on ideological grounds, they do not view the constitution of Xyon as illegitimate, instead vowing to protect the spirit of the constitution by separating church and state, preventing the High Patrons from dominating politics, and keeping the race unified to prevent futher war and strife. The centers of support for the Regionalists can be found in the long marginalized northern and southern sectors of Xyon, such as Graham, Lyons, and Boyd, as well as larger sectors like Kordan, where anti-federal sentiments run high.
  • Mikaean Patrimonialist Party – The Mikaean Patrimonialist Party (MPP) is one of the four major political parties of Xyon, and the largest one promoting a return to the patrimonial governance of the past which had existed for countless centuries. Unlike the three other major parties, the Patrimonialists advocate for a return of the High Patrons to political power in harmony with a federal system of sorts. They argue that a federal government divorced from the rule of the High Patrons was never apart of Mikael's purpose for the Mikaeans, as when he created the first seven Mikaean patriarchs, he did so for them to spawn all other Mikaeans, and guide them after his death, clearly indicating that he desired a patrimonial state rather than a federal one. Finding support among Mikaeans loyal to their fathers and not to the federal government, the MPP freely associates with the High Patrons, skirting the federal and constitutional laws prohibiting patriarchs from having an active or indirect role in politics. Though lead by females, a necessary requirement for the party's image in relationship to the anti-patriarchal constitution, the MPP states that once its objective is realized, it hopes to hand all power back to the male patriarchs. The party's strongholds can be found predominately in Devereux, home to House Devereux's young, chic, and highly popular High Patron, TBD; though the MPP also has strongholds in Michaux and Vandame.
  • Mikaeanist Dominion League – The Mikaeanist Dominion League (MDL) is a political party founded by the Black Cross Church to represent its interests within the federal government of Xyon, and consists almost entirely of clergywomen from the church. Promoting the ideals of clericalism and dominionism, the MDL was founded following the actions of TBD to limit the influence of the church throughout Mikaean society during his administration, and shocked the church enough that it realized the need of having a presence in the government. As a consequence, the MDL was established, though it grew from a bulwark against the tide of anti-clericalism in the government of the time, to promoting church ideology as its position became secure. The MDL argues that a spiritual government and a spiritual population, in public as well as private life, would serve to resolve many of the problems of corruption, crime, and violence that plague Mikaean society. Though it promotes such ideas, it does defend the constitution to a degree, and does not aggressively push theodemocracy. Its bases of support are predominately found within the Metian Basin sectors of Archambeau, Mason, Shaw and Ward, though it has long had influence in other sectors such as Kane for decades.

Minor partiesEdit

  • Xyon Equalist Party – The Xyon Equalist Party (XEP) was founded in TBD YM following the wake of the Durani steel revolts of TBD YM. Impoverished steel workers throughout one of the most industrialized sectors of Xyon revolted against the oppressive management of their factory owners, and the harsh and hostile working conditions within the mills. Rallying behind the cause of equalism, the ideology was founded on the premise that it was inherently unjust that one daughter of Mikael would have more to her name than another daughter of Mikael, and that he would have desired that all his children live in equally prosperous conditions. As a result, equalism spread across Xyon's poorest regions, notably along the southern side of the equator, and grew rapidly until it became direct opposition to the largest parties on the planet, sparking a rash of fear of new worker strikes and protests. The Equalist Party finds the majority of its support among the working poor of Xyon, as well as manual laborers who find solidarity with the original members of the member from the steel mills of Duran. The Equality Party's main base of support is in Duran, though it has historically found support in the Twin Sectors of Byrd, Webb, the sectors of Warren and Chadov, as well as some marginal support in Nazarov and Merkushev.
  • Mikaean Greens – The Mikaean Greens (MG) were established by a group of environmentalists, botanists, and primitivists, who feared that the world that had been given to them by their father Mikael, was being destroyed by the strip-mining and heavy industries on the planet. Protesting the idea that a gift such as Xyon could be destroyed by the individuals responsible for preserving it, the various groups coalesced into a single movement that became the Greens. Originally, the movement was ostracized in the media and by the average Mikaean themselves, until the Cradle World Program was initiated. The federal government of Xyon announced that the environmental damage from centuries of war and resource acquisition had damaged the planet to the point where the water in many parts of the planet were undrinkable, if not outright lethal. Within the span of a year the green movement gained hundreds of thousands of followers, and a political party was established. Though still not large enough to challenge the entrenched Federalists and Regionalists, the Greens had a mandate to preserve their father's planet, and maintain the progress of the CWP. The Greens are most active in the historically environment-friendly sector of Veilleux, and have been active in neighboring Arcenaux since the start of the CWP.
  • Sisterhood of Combatant Clerics – The Sisterhood of Combatant Clerics (SCC) was founded in opposition to the Mikaeanist Dominion League in TBD YM, in protest to the MDL's more passive stance toward establishing a theocratic government on Xyon. Believing that Father Mikael would have demanded a more aggressive push to restore the influence of the Black Cross Church in the government of Xyon, the Sisterhood argued that the Church and its political party had betrayed the mandate given to them by the ancient Zealot faction that founded the church millennia ago. Promoting its ideals within the all-female clergy of the Black Cross Church, the Sisterhood seeks to establish a heavy-handed theocracy on Xyon with the edicts of the Divine Praxus as the new law of the land for the planet. Though all Mikaeans are of a highly spiritual stance, the views of the Sisterhood are regarded as too harsh and fanatical, and its fundamentalist views of the Verunomicon to be a threat to the state and stability. The Sisterhood's support base is mostly restricted to the sector of Blair, though it has pockets of support throughout Xyon thanks to the militant members in the clergy spreading its ideologies.
  • Xyon Sakranist League – The Xyon Sakranist League (XSL) is a political party created in TBD YM to represent Sakranist interests in the federal government of Xyon. The XSL advocates on behalf of the needs of the adherents of the second-largest religion on the planet, and consequently has a large voter base which helped to propel it into power. Founded in opposition to the stranglehold the Black Cross Church held on the federal government through the Federalists, Dominionists, and Combatant Clerics, the Sakranist League sought to prevent the church from using its influence in the government to suppress Sakranite freedom of worship and assembly, which its handpicked politicians had successfully achieved to suppress the Asranite population in the name of national security. The party was able to stave off the attempts by the church to stifle the religion's rights, and successfully weakened the other political parties by crippling their stranglehold on Kordanian politics. The XSL consists mostly of Kordanians, who account for the overwhelming majority of Sakranite believers.

List of religions on XyonEdit

Major religionsEdit

  • MikaeanismMikaeanism is the largest and oldest of Xyon's faith major religions, founded in 19 YM by Saint Anais during the age of Mikael. Centered around the writings of Mikael accumulated in his Verunomicon, Mikaeanism professes the belief that Mikael was sent by a higher entity to fulfill a grand purpose on Xyon, and as a consequence, created the Mikaeans in the process and gained godhood as a reward for his obedience. As such, the Mikaeans are required to worship him as he was their father and creator, and will bring them into his fold in the afterlife. Consisting of some 2.3 billion adherents worldwide, Mikaeanism is largely dominated by the ancient Black Cross Church, which comprises nearly 90% of all Mikaeanist adherents. Throughout its history, the Church has been responsible for suppressing other religions across the planet, most famously its failed attempt at stopping the growth of Sakranism, which only resulted in it becoming the second-largest faith on the planet. Led by the Reverend Mistress, the Church has played a major role in the development of Mikaeanist doctrine throughout history, and regards itself as the first and last defender of Mikaeanism wherever it spreads.
  • SakranismSakranism is one of the five major religions on Xyon, and is the second-largest religion on the planet. Comprised of about 550 million adherents, Sakranite adherents profess the concept of physical and mental sacrifice and tribulation so as to weaken the spiritual barriers which separate adherents from their creator. Immediately identified by their piercings and sometimes their dyed Kordanian-styled hair, adherents typically carry out self-harm as acts of devotion to their creator, believing that pain and suffering liberates the mind from the physical realm, and brings them closer to god. Originating in Kordan in 988 YM, the Sakranite faith flourished during a time in which the dominate Black Cross Church was losing ground in the historically aggressive and xenophobic Kordanian lands, which saw the church as an extension of Oneillian power and influence. Unlike other faiths which the Church had successfully stamped out in other parts of the world, the High Patron of House Kordan decreed that the Church would not harm his children, and that the Sakranites could practice their faith openly and without retribution from the Mikaeanists.
  • ErinismErinism is the third-largest religion on Xyon, consisting of some 300 million followers as of 3984 YM. Founded in TBD YM by Erin, Erinism professes peace, harmony, and oneness with life, as Mikael intended for his children to enjoy. Notable for their passive behavior and pleasant personalities, Erinites are generally delightful individuals to be around, and some of the most active proponents of environmentalism, green politics, and social justice. The faith is loosely organized, but all acknowledge the teachings of Erin to be in harmony with the wishes of Mikael for his children to be at peace with one another, and share their world together as a family. Though Erinites will defend themselves if challenged, they believe that helping all Mikaeans regardless of faith or household, is an important step in establishing true unity within the Mikaean race. Charity and acts of mercy are important parts of the Erinite faith, and most members of the religion are typically represented in the medical field, as creche caretakers, and in humanitarian efforts. Erinism has a strong following in Veilleux, some of the Central Region sectors, and the Northern and Southern Regions, with one of its strongest gatherings being in Halphen.
  • AsranismAsranism is a spiritualist religion centered around witchcraft, fortune telling, and spirit mediums, as a means of reaching Mikael in the afterlife. The fourth-largest of the five major religions with 100 million adherents, Asranites believe that Mikael's spirit lays within a spirit world untouchable to mortals, and the only means of reaching his is through intermediaries such as spirits, demons, and the like. Concentrated within the Central Regions, the Northern and Southern Regions, and the Island Sectors, Asranism is one of the oldest religions in the world, traditionally practiced by members of the Houseless population living in the rural regions and feral Mikaeans exiled from the creches into the wilderness. Asranism has no unifying mythology, though all sects share the common belief that spiritual intermediaries add them in reaching Mikael in death, and bringing them closer to him as a result. Considered highly demonic in the eyes of the other Mikaean faiths, Asranism was historically persecuted, not just because of its teachings, but because of the individuals following it, typically the outcast members of society. It wasn't until the era of unification where laws prohibiting discrimination based on faith or household were passed, that Asranism was able to enter mainstream society, though it still remains a taboo faith throughout the majority of the population.
  • KatanismKatanism is the smallest religion on Xyon, with just over 80 million followers. The faith proclaims that the only way to become closer to their creator, is to perform the same acts that he performed in life, that is to live as an intellectual and a scientist. By unveiling the secrets of the universe, Katanists believe they are likewise unveiling the secrets of their father himself, and will eventually of accumulated enough knowledge that he will reveal himself to them and communicate directly with them. In during so, he will elevate them to a level where they will be reunited with them in a heaven-like realm. Katanism has a strong following among the scientific community on Xyon. The majority of its adherents can be found in the prosperous regions of Xyon, primarily in O'Neill, Marshall, Morgan, and Vandame, where the majority of its followers have congregated. As a result of their knowledge-based religion, Katanists have historically been some of the wealthiest and most accomplished members of Mikaean society, though have received significant backlash for their arrogance and poor view of other members of the population.

Minor religionsEdit

  • HavismHavism is the largest of the minor religions on Xyon, as well as one of the youngest currently practiced by Mikaean adherents. Centered around sexual desires and activities, Havism was established in TBD YM by Oriella Kelham, a Wardian TBD who sought to utilize the Mikaean sex drive as a means of bringing herself and her sisters closer to god. Centered around sexual deviancy and hedonism, Havism is considered a taboo religion even by the lax social standards of the Mikaeans, and its members typically keep their membership and activities a guarded secret when around outsiders. Havites are responsible for the creation and spread of Bliss, the illegal mental and sexual stimulant dominating much of Xyon's criminal drug market, and in utilized by more than 85 million Mikaeans across Xyon. Bliss plays a major role in Havite religious practices, and its side-effects a dead giveaway to a practicing member of the religion. Havism has traditionally been derided as a sex cult and religion of the rich and powerful within Xyon's elites. As a consequence, members are typically mocked and parodied in Mikaean media, though most of its following is among the middle class on the planet. There are believed to be some 10 million Havites across Xyon, though it is also believed that there are only 500,000 open members due to the fear of persecution by the state and non-believers.
  • AikyanismAikyanism is the second-largest minor religion on Xyon, and largely confined to the region of TBD. Aikyanites believe in the "unity of the soul" in harmony with their creator, with the belief being that each and every Mikaean is a semi-independent shard of Mikael's greater soul. As such, all Mikaeans are apart of Mikael, with some going further as to say that they are Mikael himself. Reincarnation of the soul following death is a major part of the Aikyanite faith, and communalism is likewise a prominent part of the Aikyanites' practices. Founded in TBD YM by TBD, the Aikyanites believe that all Mikaeans are reincarnated as avatars of Mikael to live mortal lives in the manner in which he deems most pleasurable to himself. Everything is predestined by Mikael, and as such, there is no such thing as free will or individual agency over one's life and actions. Seances are particularly common with Aikyanites, who seek to communicate with Mikael's "oversoul", his direct consciousness. All property within Aikyanite circles is shared by all members of the group since they are all Mikael and as such, all own the same items since they are all the same owner. There are believed to be some 6 million members of the Aikyanite faith, though this number has been growing rapidly within the poorer sectors of Xyon, as well as particularly large coteries in the wealthier sectors.
  • KhajismKhajism is one of the smallest religions on Xyon, with an estimated 100,000-200,000 members. Widely derided as a "doomsday cult" by the media, the public, and other religions in general, Khajism revolves around the material universe is but one of an infinite number in existence, and one which can be broken down in any finite or infinite number of iterations based upon its existing components. The meta-universe is eternal, without beginning or end like the father of the Mikaeans within Khajic mythology; but the component parts of the meta-universe are ephemeral, charging, and without consistency. As such, Khajites believe the universe to be one of brutal truth; life without purpose, corruptible and turbulent. Without change, life has no meaning, and as such, Khajites believe it was their purpose, the purpose of their creator, for the Mikaeans to bring about change by any means necessary. Khajites likewise believe that their father was created by "The Great Devourer" to fulfill the "Great Cycle", and further believe that through death, life can be created. Because of their violent ideologies, and the means by which they seek to carry them out, Khajism is officially outlawed by the federal government. There is no data on the general location of Khajite powerbases, but it is believed to be most active in TBD.
  • TBD – TBD

List of terrorist organizations on XyonEdit

The definition of terrorist organizations on Xyon differ greatly from those on Earth, in that any non-state militant group in arms against the federal government in Blackstone, is automatically designated as a terrorist group, even if the group's stated goals do not rely upon traditional terrorist tactics as outlined by national governments on Earth. As such, any rebel movement on Xyon which has stated itself to be in armed opposition to the federal government, will find itself immediately designated as a terrorist organization. Therefore, a terrorist on Xyon is not an immediate parallel to a terrorist as known to humans; suicide bombings, attacks on civilians, and bombing of public buildings are not common tactics of mainstream rebel groups, though they are not unknown to the more extremist groups such as those of the religious or ideological type. Based on this information, a terrorist organization by the definition set down by Blackstone, can be anything from actual terrorists, separatist rebels, and ideologically-driven guerrilla fighters.

Anti-federalist terrorist groupsEdit

  • 33453345 is an anti-federalist terrorist group with a global network of cells and operatives, who work toward overthrowing the federal government in Blackstone. Named after the duration of the Unification Wars – 33 years, 4 months, and 5 days – 3345 is devoted to overturning the "tragedy" that befell the Mikaean species as a consequence of forcing them into a single world government. Regarded as the most violent and reviled terrorist group on the planet, 3345 works toward its objectives by killing scores of civilians and striking at targets of opportunity such as military convoys, prisoner transfers, public rallies, and so on. The goal of 3345 is to foment the dissolution of the federal government at the hands of the general population, by proving the state is incapable of protecting its own citizens, and that only a return to a more "nature" state of affairs – that being the pre-unification order of things – will true "peace" be accomplished. No other armed group is willing to work with 3345, and it is targeted by all militant groups as they view the organization as a threat to their own objectives.
    • Notable terrorist attacks
      • 3968 YM airport attacks: In 3968 YM, dozens of 3354 operatives entered five airports across Xyon, and proceeded to gun down hundreds of waiting passengers, staff, and security personnel, using an assortment of heavy weapons stolen from the military. A total of 1,317 civilians and military personnel were killed in the attacks, and another 6,788 were wounded. It was, up until 3976 YM, the deadliest terrorist attack carried out at the time.
      • 3976 YM public rally massacre: In 3976 YM, 3354 operatives blocked all the roads leading away from a public rally held by the Xyon Federalist Party in the district of Kodiak. The terrorists, numbering about 100 members, entered the square and began gunning down thousands of rally attendees. Security forces in the area were able to kill and rout the attacks, but more than 3,700 people had been killed, and another 8,000 wounded. The massacre was the deadliest terrorist attack carried out on Xyon, and officially led to all federal, separatist, and terrorist organizations classifying the organization as sine pace, or "without peace", labeling 3345 as an organization that would not be negotiated with or granted terms of surrender, and all members of 3345 would have permanent death sentences as a consequence of their actions.
      • 3981 YM hospital bombing: In 3981 YM, the TBD Hospital in TBD was targeted by 3345 with a truck bomb, as it was deemed a symbol of the federal government's healthcare system. More than 700 patients, nurses, and doctors were killed in the initial explosion, with another 2,000 individuals nearby or further away from the explosion, were wounded. Medical staff and their patients who attempted to escape were gunned down by the 3345 terrorists, who later entered the building and began killing anyone they could find within the hospital. Another 200 individuals were killed or wounded during the attack. All terrorists within the hospital either escaped, or were killed in the ensuring gun battle once security forces arrived.
    • Notable characteristics
      • Shaved heads: Shave their heads completely, refusing to all their hair to grow until the federal government has been toppled. As a Mikaean's hair is a mark of her beauty and prosperity, removing is a sign that until the federal government has been displaced, then they are not fulfilled as an individual. Removal of one's hair is also a means of stripping the member of the organization of the one feature they possess that Mikaeans use to distinguish themselves from one another, and forcing them to accept that they share a single identity within the organization itself. Additionally, shaving one's head also serves a practical purpose, in that it makes it easier for members to utilize disguises for terrorist operations, as well as survive in the wild without any significant pests or pollutants clinging to their hair.
      • Tattoos: Tattoo "3345" over their right eye as a sign to both themselves and to others of their complete devotion to the cause. They physically and symbolically cannot and will not hide their affiliation to the terrorist organization. All members likewise possess a tattoo of the Mikaean Trigram on their heads, replacing the hair they would normally use to identify themselves as separate within Mikaean society, and adopting a new marker identifying themselves as a member of 3345. The use of the trigram, Mikael's personal emblem, also helps to promote 3345's loyalty to Mikael and his ideals rather than to the state and the centralized authority it attempts to maintain over all Mikaeans on the planet.
      • Singular identity: All members of 3345 wear the same uniforms, use the same makeup and equipment, and report using the same name - "Michelle O'Neill" - a nomme de guerre all members of the organization use to mask their true identities. The name itself is the female version of Mikael O'Neill, the creator of the Mikaeans. The purpose of the singular identity is to signify the idea that "Mikael", personified by 3345, disapproves of the federal government's existence, as he originally created eight households, not one. By fighting the government as the female version of their creator, 3345 is effectively promoting the idea that the government is fighting against Mikael himself and his ideals. Because the Mikaeans are 100% identical at the genetic and physical levels, 3345 members appear as clones to outsiders.
      • Deism: Unique to the members of 3345 is the adoption of deism as the official faith of the organization. The concept of deism was accepted by the organization for two main reasons: the first being that 3345 seeks to adhere to a single identity at all levels of its ranks, meaning that the divisive and distinctive religious ideologies had to be removed; the second being that in seeking to emulate Mikael as an individual, he never stated what his religious beliefs were, only that he was religious. As such, all members of 3345 officially identify as deists, believing in the existence of an intelligent creator, but one who observes his creations at work rather than actively intervening in mortal affairs. This trait is the closest the Mikaeans as a species have ever come to atheism, and it horrifies those Mikaean with an intimate knowledge of 3345 and its ideologies.

Asranist terrorist groupsEdit

Asranist terrorist groups are motivated by their desire to defend Asranism from state persecution and public discrimination, and seek to combat any forces targeting members of the faith. These groups typically fight to protect Asranist shrines from demolition by state-commissioned construction teams, protect holy sites from industrialization, as well as protect feral Mikaean communities in the rural regions of Xyon, which are almost entire comprised of Asranists. Because of the nature of the religion as well as its adherents, almost all members of these terrorist groups hail from the undeveloped northern and southern regions of Xyon, and often consist of high-functioning ferals, houseless Mikaeans with common cause, and regular Mikaean locals from the sectors where Asranism reigns supreme. More radical groups fight to obtain living sacrifices from among the general population, with some sparing locals of their native region, and hunting down non-Asranists and outsiders.

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Erinist terrorist groupsEdit

Erinist terrorist groups are best defined as eco-terrorists with a highly aggressive environmentalist ideology. Centered around the teachings of Erin and her idealistic dreams of a world at peace with itself and its inhabitants, the fanatical Erinist groups believe that her vision will not come about peacefully as the Mikaean population as a whole is more interested in quick profits at the expense of a clean and habitable planet. Thus, for the sake of Xyon's environment and the Mikaeans as a species, it falls upon the radical Erinists to force their sisters to abide by the teachings of Erin. Erinist terrorist groups typically try to avoid harming civilians and fellow Erinists, and thus target power plants, industrial centers, banks, and government facilities, seeking to send a message to the state and the people without harming anyone. Erinist terror groups are generally the smallest of the armed insurgents on Xyon, as their members try to avoid violence if at all possible, and thus do not have the same driving motives as the other groups.

Equalist terrorist groupsEdit

Equalist terrorists generally target wealthy female Mikaeans who they deem as oppressing their fellow sisters and cousins, by establishing companies that force them to work for little while they gain the majority of the wealth. Male Mikaeans are regarded as doing their job in providing for their daughters, but female Mikaeans who own huge amounts of property and possess large amounts of wealth, are considered thieves and traitors to their sisters. As they are no different from the average Mikaean woman, Equalist terrorists consider their actions obscene in that they would force their own sisters into a state akin to slavery, all to benefit themselves individually. Most of these groups are clandestinely financed by the sectorial branches of the Xyon Equalist Party, which seeks to expand its influence and support by through an asymmetrical armed conflict.

Houseless terrorist groupsEdit

Houseless terrorist groups are made up of disenfranchised Mikaeans with a burning hatred of the state and their now distant sisters, who expelled them from society and the comfort of companionship. Having more in common with the more "mainstream" terrorist organizations on Earth, houseless terrorist groups kill for the sake of killing, "punishing" their sisters for booting them out of the household, and forcing them to survive alone in the wildness. Attacks on public gatherings, centers of worship regardless of religion, assassinations, bombings, and chemical attacks, are all the hallmarks of houseless terror organizations. These groups are the most despised out of all the list organizations, as their violence has no limit, no general target, and no sense of morality. It is not uncommon for the other terror groups to ignore their traditional targets to focus on the houseless groups, as it is often the supporters of the stated groups in their region of operation, who are the planned victims of the next houseless attack. Virtually all houseless clans and organizations fall within the category of terror organization by the standards of the state and public opinion.

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Mikaeanist terrorist groupsEdit

Mikaeanist terrorist groups are motivated by the desire to expand the power of the Black Cross Church and force all Mikaeans to adopt Mikaeanism as the one true faith. Mikaeanist terrorists believe the formation of the federal government in Blackstone was a major blow to the prestige of the Church, as one of the edicts in the constitution was the forced demobilization of the Church's Faith Militant armed forces, which possessed entire combat divisions to enforce its will. Believing that the Church was Mikael's true government on Xyon, the terrorist groups linked to the religion seek to establish a theocracy which outlaws all other religions the planet, and ensures that all Mikaeans are united in faith and leadership. Furthermore, the concept of "True Zealots" has dominated these groups, as many believe that the first Reverend Mistress of the Black Cross Church, took the church away from its Zealot roots, and incorporated many of her own Materialist beliefs into the church doctrines. It is well known that most of the terrorist groups financial support come from either the Mikaeanist Dominion League or Sisterhood of Combatant Clerics political parties, though both have officially disavowed themselves from the groups, many believe they still support them behind the scenes.

Regionalist terrorist groupsEdit

Regionalist terrorist groups are generally motivated by the desire to either break away from Xyon as an independent nation-state, or to demand more autonomy from the state based on long-term grievances as defined by the groups and their members. The majority of known regionalist terrorist organizations can be found in Xyon's largest sectors, which have traditionally had long periods of power and accrued history prior to unification, or small and highly impoverished sectors such as the Twin Sectors and the bulk of the Southern Region's sectors, which have long been marginalized by the state. From these regions, one is most likely to find separatist movements which aligned themselves with no religious or ideological group, and recruit from all backgrounds within their stated regions of operation. As with the other political parties, the Xyon Regional Alliance has publicly condemned the rebel groups, though many still believe it may be supporting many of the moderate groups under the table as a means of accomplishing its political objections with the federal government.

Sakranist terrorist groupsEdit

Sakranist terrorist groups are centered around the belief that the federal government and the Black Cross Church have an invested interest in destroying the Sakranist faith and destroying Kordanian culture, so as to integrate the long-defiant Kordanians into the wider Mikaean population, culture, and religions. As such, these groups target government centers of operation and Mikaeanist places of worship, predominately within Kordan itself, to force the "occupiers" from the lands of the Kordanians. Sakranist terrorists typically ignore non-Mikaeanist religions, and go after the Black Cross Church, the largest symbol of the faith, and its priestesses. The nativist beliefs of the Sakranist fanatics have not always been restricted to Kordan itself, as many members of these terrorist organizations believe the only way to end the "occupation" is to take the fight to the federalists and Mikaeanists themselves, and strike at them on their own soil. Church bombings and political assassinations have largely be traced by to the Sakranist fanatics, and several attempts to assassination the sitting Supreme Director and the Reverend Mistress have been attempted in the past.

List of criminal organizations on XyonEdit

  • Arsenic Candy GirlsTBD
  • Azure DevilsTBD
  • Black MambasTBD
  • Forsaken – The Forsaken are the second-largest criminal organization on Xyon, consisting of nearly 600,000 members as of 3985 YM. The organization was established in TBD YM by members of the Outcasts, following an internal dispute between those houseless Mikaeans seeking to punish their households for expelling them, and those members of the Outcasts seeking to survive without their households in the shadows and avoiding confrontation. The more radical members of the Outcasts were expelled from the organization, and founded the Forsaken, which developed a far more militant stance on their status within Mikaean culture and society. As with their houseless sisters in the Outcasts, the Forsaken have a global presence on Xyon, with their main power bases located within the sectors of Kordan, Marshall, and Morgan. The Forsaken have specialized their illegal markets to focus on extremely potent narcotics, advanced weaponry stolen from the federal military and police, as well as stolen data and hacking services. Because of their past and their militant ideology, the Forsaken are widely despised within the underground community, and have been longtime rivals with the Outcasts whom they feel betrayed their aim to not only protect and provide for the houseless population of Mikaeans, but to also avenge them for crimes they believe were not worthy of being expelled for. As with the Outcasts, the Forsaken recruit exclusively from the houseless population, leading to feuds and violence when recruits for both organizations come into contact when seeking new members for their groups.
  • Gold Rose SyndicateTBD
  • Outcasts – The Outcasts are the largest criminal organization on Xyon, with some 750,000 sworn members as of 3985 YM. Consisting almost entirely of houseless Mikaeans, the Outcasts were initially established as a means of providing mutual protection and support for Mikaeans expelled from their household for grievous crimes warranting their expulsion from their only family. Consequently, as time passed and more and more Mikaeans mainly hailing from House O'Neil, Morgan, Duran, and Marshall were stripped of their household status, the numbers of the Outcasts grew to include several hundreds of thousands of disenfranchised sisters. Today, the Outcasts have a global presence, with members hailing from all of the households on the planet, though with significant representation from the Western Region of Xyon where the organization was initially established. The Outcasts have a long-running rivalry with the Forsaken, another houseless organization that was founded by members of the Outcasts expelled during the TBD YM schism over the goals and behavior of the organization. The Outcasts are prominent in most forms of illegal trade, narcotics, and prostitution, as well as the growing arms trade on the planet with the ongoing war on terrorism by the federal government. Because of the organization's vast size, reach, and influence, most government authorities typically try to avoid clashing with the Outcasts out of fear of the repercussions they'll face should they anger them.
  • Shadow BansheesTBD
  • TransientsTBD
  • ZonersTBD

List of corporations on XyonEdit

Name Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
Allison Express Courier Logistics Drexel XXXX YM Express mail
Azure Technology Internet Princeton XXXX YM Social network
BaneSoft Technology Software Rane XXXX YM Video games
Ceres Consumer services Retail Oxida Nova XXXX YM Retailer
Chapter Publishing Consumer goods Retail TBD XXXX YM Books, magazines, digital media
Chassis Consumer goods Personal goods Edgewater XXXX YM Sportswear
Ciarda & Ninian Consumer goods Retail Englewood XXXX YM Books, magazines, digital media
Crane Consumer goods Leisure goods Merrimac XXXX YM Mobile phones, tablets, telecommunication equipment
Eklipse Consumer goods Personal goods Duval XXXX YM Apparel, cosmetics
Elita Books Consumer goods Retail TBD XXXX YM Books, magazines, digital media
Entropy Studios Technology Software TBD XXXX YM Video games
Epilogue Consumer goods Retail TBD XXXX YM Books, magazines, digital media
Erudite Books Consumer goods Retail TBD XXXX YM Books, magazines, digital media
Global Armaments Defense Armaments Armitage XXXX YM Small arms, explosives, military vehicles, aircraft
Ianthina Conglomerates Dajabon XXXX YM Consumer electronics, financial services, retail, insurance, media
Inception Consumer goods Retail TBD XXXX YM Books, magazines, digital media
Industritech Industrials General industries Englewood XXXX YM Mechanical products
Killeen Concern Defense Armaments Darkwater XXXX YM Small arms, explosives, military vehicles
Kontak Consumer goods Personal goods Armitage XXXX YM Sportswear
Kora Media Group Consumer services Media Oxida Nova XXXX YM Television and radio
Krylov Holding Conglomerates Chernaya XXXX YM Security, small arms, consumer electronics, retail
Marza Drydocks Corporation Industrials Industrial engineering Karus XXXX YM Shipbuilding
Monira Consumer goods Personal goods Armitage XXXX YM Apparel
Pipeline Technology Internet Oxida Nova XXXX YM Online holdings
Pravus Group Conglomerates Oxida Nova XXXX YM Consumer electronics, financial services, retail, insurance, media
PsyOp Entertainment Technology Software TBD XXXX YM Video games
Rane Studios Technology Software Rane XXXX YM Video games
Saissa Sidot Consumer goods Personal goods Dajabon XXXX YM Apparel, cosmetics, shoes
Savall Systems Technology Computer services Rane XXXX YM Information technology
Sevin Entertainment Technology Software TBD XXXX YM Video games
Solstice Heavy Engineering Industrials Heavy industries Darkwater XXXX YM Heavy machinery
Subira Transport Courier Logistics Karus XXXX YM Express mail
Sytra Consumer goods Personal goods Armitage XXXX YM Apparel
Tether Technology Internet Rane XXXX YM Social network
Thought Fuel Consumer goods Retail TBD XXXX YM Books, magazines, digital media
Trident Automotives Consumer goods Automobiles Trident XXXX YM Automobiles
Trinity Games Technology Software Oxida Nova XXXX YM Video games
UniCom Telecommunications Fixed line telecommunications Oxida Nova XXXX YM Communications
Uniga Gaming Co. Technology Software TBD XXXX YM Video games
Venture Bookstores Consumer goods Retail TBD XXXX YM Books, magazines, digital media
Voni, Inc. Consumer goods Personal goods Edgewater XXXX YM Apparel
Xyon Express Courier Logistics Englewood XXXX YM Express mail
Xyon Parcel Express Courier Logistics Oxida Nova XXXX YM Express mail
Xyon Press Consumer goods Retail TBD XXXX YM Books, magazines, digital media
Yuran Construction Industrials Construction & materials Chernaya XXXX YM Construction
Zabelle Consumer goods Automobiles Majestueux XXXX YM Automobiles

Fashion on XyonEdit

Fashion on Xyon is a major industry and a highly competitive part of the economy with diverse clothing lines and cosmetic brands on the market. However, the designs of clothing are highly regionalized across the planet due to various differing cultures and histories. Many Mikaean fashion as a whole shares a number of defining characteristics, in all other areas, clothing differs from region to region and sector to sector, though there exist so-called "macro-fashions" that all other fashion types are classified under. These can range from the highly formal and business-like attire of Oneillian fashion, to the rebellious and punk Kordanian fashion, to the more informal and playful Marshallese fashion. Overall, the fashion capitals of Xyon are invariably Oxida Nova, Princeton, Armitage, and Thayer, where the four largest fashion studios have established themselves.



  • Oneillian: Oneillian fashion is highly formal and business-inspired, with focus on office and school work within the sector of O'Neill. Influenced by the highly work and education-oriented culture of O'Neill, Oneillian fashion is considered the textbook definition for Mikaean business and school attire on the planet. Nanoskirts, dark stockings, ties, rimless glasses, prep school jackets and pleated skirts for youth, and heels for adults or closed toe shoes for youth are considered the standard for Oneillian women. Skirts with suspenders and white dress shirts are considered another style within the fashion. Hair is kept natural or braided, and all Oneillians keep their glasses out of respect for their creator unlike their Kordanian rivals. Anything contrary to the original preferences of Mikael are considered horrid and inappropriate within Oneillian circles.
  • Kordanian: Everything about Kordanian fashion is a sign of the Kordanians' history disdain for authority, especially of that originating in O'Neill. Grunge clothing, dyed hair, shades, ripped denim and stockings are the primary styles of Kordanian-styled clothing. Short skirts, flannel shirts, piercings, and short combat boots are commonplace with Kordanian wearers, and braided and asymmetric hairstyles are the preferred options for such individuals. Jewelry is flamboyant and makeup is purposefully worn archaically to spite Oneillian fashion norms. Fishnet shirts, metal skirts, and leather jackets are well-known items of attire within the Kordanian fashion community, who view their archaic style as a direct blow to the Oneillians' highly ordered and regimented fashion.
  • Metian: TBD
  • Edenian: TBD
  • Nazarovian: Nazarovian fashion is considered chic and flirty by the standards of the Mikaeans. Black dominates everything they wear, with midriffs being a rule, and crop tops, miniskirts, open-toe heels, small handbags, and large circular sunglasses defining the fashion. Nazarovians are typically dressed as if they are going to a club or a party, and their black party dresses seem to indicate their copious amounts of free time and disposable income. Unlike their Oneillian siblings, the Nazarovians eschew wearing glasses in exchange for contact lens or corrective eye surgery, and often straighten their hair to the horror of the tradition-bound Oneillians. Tattoos of any kind are avoided by the Nazarovians, and black makeup is a must for any woman adhering to the Nazarovian fashion scene.
  • Marshallese: Marshallese fashion resolves around a playful and carefree style, akin to a subdued version of human cheerleader fashion. This includes sweaters, pleated miniskirts, and sneakers; though choker collars, sunglasses, and stonewashed jeans, leggings, and short shorts are also included in Marshallese fashion. The preppy, bubbly colors of the clothing and the focus on comfort over functionality, are all indicative of Marshallese design and fashion sense, and it is not uncommon for certain pieces of clothing, such as Marshallese leggings, to come in an obscene number of colors, patterns, and fabrics.
  • Morganite: Morganite fashion is centered around warmth and comfort, inspired by the snowy and mountainous lands of Morgan. Clothing such as long-sleeve sweaters, large scarves, long winter coats and ponchos, beanies, and winter boots form the basis of Morganite fashion, and general have winter-inspired themes and designs on them, such as snowflakes, trees, and angular icons. Focus on comfort in the cold winter weather of Morgan, and the Morganite sense of contentment and well-being in the alpine regions of the sector, play a heavy role in the choice of clothing within Morganite fashion. Morganite fashion dominates virtually all of the Northern Region of Xyon, much the same way as Graysonian does in the Southern Region, though it has more focus on fashion rather than function.
  • Kanian: Kanian fashion is highly conservative and moderate in its origin and influences. Dressed for the cool and humid weather of Kane, Kanian fashion is fairly uniform across the board in terms of its list of clothing options. Long ankle-length dresses, fitted, high-neck long-sleeve sweaters, leather bolero jackets or shurgs, and high=length riding boots for the environment, basically comprised the entirety of Kanian fashion. Large circular glasses are popular with Kanians, and overall, Kanian fashion allows for a degree of customization while adhering to the Kanians' sense of moderation.
  • Graysonian: Considered the standard for all southern sectors, Graysonian fashion is centered around function with hints of fashion where possible. Designed for the rugged and untamed wildernesses of Xyon's Southern Region, clothing such as cargo pants, heavy wool sweaters, thick work boots and belts, knit caps, field caps, and heavy winter jackets, all typify Graysonian fashion. Virtually all Mikaeans residing in the Southern Region wear Graysonian-inspired clothing, due to its functionality in the cool, forested and mountainous landscape of the region, and its ability to weather long periods of misuse and still keep the wearer warm and protected.

Mikaean ethnicitiesEdit

Ethnicity on Xyon differs greatly from that on Earth, in that ethnicity is not based on skin color, genetic variations, or even language, but what a group of patriarchs within the species have chosen to have their their offspring identify as in terms of personality and religion, including other minor details such as hair styles, clothing choices, and even behavioral patterns. Indeed, there is more genetic variation between two human individuals within the same ethnic and racial group, than there is within the entire three and a half billion strong Mikaean species. With their genetic code "hard-coded" by their creator, the Mikaeans – though they instinctively recognize one another as being exactly the same – follow the lead of their more independently-minded fathers, who have more say in how to tell their children apart from those of their brothers.

  • Oneillians – Oneillians are the most numerous Mikaeans on the planet, accounting for nearly 17% of the total population on Xyon itself. Oneillians are infamous for their arrogance, apathy, complete disdain for outsiders, and totalitarian behavior. They view themselves as the pinnacle of the Mikaean species due to their namesake, viewing themselves as the first among equals as the first household to have been created and named after their father, Mikael O'Neill. Oneillians are rationalist thinkers, often times unimaginative and incredibly slow to change, even by the glacial rate of cultural progression of the Mikaeans themselves. As a people, the Oneillians' boastful and arrogant demeanor hides their quiet, timid, and insular nature, being highly uncomfortable around outsiders when forced into social situations. The Oneillians try to keep themselves as close in appearance to their father as possible, wearing formal clothing and accessories, keeping their hair in a natural state, and even refusing to forego their glasses in spite of technological advancements in corrective optical surgery. Oneillian culture in all areas is sleak, advanced, and top-of-the-line, and the Oneillians as a people fill secure in their superiority.
  • Kordanians – The Kordanians are the second-largest group of Mikaeans on Xyon, making up 8.2% of the global population. The Kordanians trace their roots back to the first eight households of Xyon, of which they were the sixth of the seven created by Mikael. They view themselves as the long oppressed peoples in Mikaean history, dating back to their near extinction at the hands of the other seven households when House Kordan attempted to conquer the homeland of the Mikaeans rather than migrate to a new location on the planet like the others. Throughout the course of history, the Kordanians have been at the tail-end of success, with all the other major households having more developed economies and industries. The Kordanians harbor a deep hatred for the Oneillians, whom they view has direct rivals for hegemony, and believe them to be responsible for all of their hardships. Stuck in a perpetual "sore loser" state of mind, the Kordanians seem to be too absorbed by their constant defeats in history to due anything to change their position in life.
  • Sichelians – The Sichelians are the Mikaeans who have historically resided along the southern coastlines of the Gulf of Mikael, forming the majority of the population that today call the sectors of Duran and Arcenaux. The Sichelians are traditionally regarded as industrious individuals who typically avoid conflict and keep to themselves insofar as they are capable of controlling the situation. Housing the majority of Xyon's high-tech industries, the territory of old Sichelia is regarded as one of the most prosperous regions on the planet, and its inhabitants are considered more intelligent that the norm for a Mikaean, and are the most forward-thinking individuals of their species. Historically, the Sichelians were locked in a deep rivalry with their peers of Surgia, the less-developed and industrialized Mikaeans to their east. However, since the formation of the Ankurian Mikaeans in the area which now occupy areas of former Surgia, the Sichelians have since returned to their intellectual pursuits as of the modern-day.
  • Metians – The Metians are a collective group of Mikaeans within the Central Region with a shared culture and history. Historically controlled by House Archambeau, the four houses which today make up the Metian ethnic group, are notable for their dour personalities and pessimistic outlook on life. Metians share much in common with their Oneillian siblings, though with a far more traditional bent than modernist one. Indeed, the Metian households were founded by rogue Oneillian archons, and since then, they have always felt as if they had to compete with the Oneillians because of their culture and similarities. The Metians seek to emulate their father, though they do so with more flair and flamboyance, akin to the Neo-Gothic and Victorian styles of the human race, with frills, monocles, and mustaches. Metians as a group are insular people, and do not open up to outsiders, but are quick to support anyone who will acknowledge their accomplishments.
  • Marshallese – The Marshallese are the largest Mikaean ethnic group outside of the Western Region of Xyon. If the Oneillians, Kordanians, and Metians are arrogant, grim, and dour, the Marshallese are lighthearted, open-minded, and pleasant. Though sharing these qualities with the TBD of houses Veilleux, Arcenaux, and Devereux, the Marshallese are more lax in their actions and personalities. They are despised by all other Mikaeans, not for anything they have done, but for what they are as people - culturally and socially. As a rule, the Marshallese are airheads; unbelievably stupid and astonishingly ignorant individuals, with bubbly personalities and obnoxious upward inflections which end all of their sentences. Historically, it was the remoteness of their lands at the opposite end of the Metian Empire which spared the Marshallese Mikaeans from the juggernaut forces of Oneillia, Edenia, and Zveria, among other threats.
  • Morganites – The Morganites are one of the eight original groups of Mikaeans created by Mikael O'Neill some four thousand years ago, and one of the larger ethnic groups on the planet. Historically the most isolationist of the eight original households, the Morganites have attempted to make their mark on history by usurping the hegemonic power of the Oneillians for themselves. They did indeed make history, waging twelve wars of aggression against the Oneillians, known as the Morganite Wars, over a period of five hundred years, and losing each and every one of them. Since their humbling experiences, the Morganites have grown to accept their position in the political scheme of thins, and are closer to the Oneillians than in the past. Morganites are considerably more "rustic" in their behavior than their neighbors, and tend more toward self-reliance than reliance on one's coterie, a defining characteristic of the general population.
  • Kanians – The Kanians are one of the smaller ethnic groups on Xyon, noted for their conservative nature and peaceful demeanor toward other Mikaeans. Historically renown for their neutrality and peaceful endeavors, the Kanians are widely respected by virtually all other Mikaeans across the planet. The Kanians have the lowest number of ferals and houseless Mikaeans of any other group, and have the most efficient system of child-rearing and governance on Xyon. The Kanians are highly religious, even by the standards of the Mikaeans as a whole, producing the highest number of Reverend Mistresses outside of O'Neill, and have been noted for their moderate views and being the voice of reason during times of distress. Because of these traits, the Kanians have developed the wealthiest communities on Xyon, boasting the highest GDP per capita of any sector on Xyon. Likewise, because of their neutrality, the Kanians have played host to many negotiations between rivals throughout the ages. Overall, the Kanians are wise and respectful individuals who focus on caring for the needs of the community and ensuring that all sides are content with the developments of the household.
  • Ankurians – The Ankurians are the youngest group of Mikaeans on Xyon, having had their duel households of Webb and Byrd established within the last three hundred years alone, incredibly young by the standards of the Mikaeans. Considered the weakest, poorest, and less-intelligent Mikaeans on the planet, the Ankurians are widely regarded to have been given the rawest deal in the history of Mikaean civilization. The daughters of two exile archons, the twin fathers of the Ankurians only survived in the wild thanks to the generosity of the Surgians, who cleared the area the two archons would settle of ferals, and give them portions of land in the rugged and largely inhospitable hinterlands of the undeveloped Ark Basin. Shallow creches and poor mineral resources early on resulted in a long generation of intellectually deficient Mikaeans, who have still to the modern-day, failed to establish a functional society in their sectors. Today, the Ankurians are better known for their widespread drug production, criminal behavior, and low academic growth records.


Unification WarsEdit

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Power station reactorsEdit

Name Unit
Reactor Status Capacity in MW Construction Start Date Commercial Operation Date Closure
Type Model Net Gross
Resilience 1 ARC AFRC M-470 20px Operational 2930 3000 1 Tempest 3952 YM 18 Wintertide 3957 YM
Resilience 2 ARC AFRC M-470 20px Operational 2930 3000 1 Tempest 3952 YM 18 Wintertide 3957 YM
Resilience 3 ARC AFRC M-470 20px Operational 2930 3000 1 Alluvion 3958 YM 22 Cloudburst 3963 YM
Resilience 4 ARC AFRC M-470 20px Operational 2930 3000 1 Evergreen 3959 YM 6 Midwinter 3964 YM
Resilience 5 ARC AFRC M-490 20px Under construction 3430 3500 1 Mikaeon 3983 YM 3988 YM
Resilience 6 ARC AFRC M-490 20px Planned 3430 3500

Pre-unification nationsEdit

A commonly asked question within the schools of Xyon by youth neophyte Mikaeans is "why were the nations prior to unification named differently from the households?". The common and more academically consistent and verified answer for this, is that nations that existed prior to global unification consisted of more than one household, or were jointly-established ventures by multiple households. The most famous of these unions was that of Metia, which consisted of a joint alliance between House Archambeau, Mason, Shaw, and Ward. Metia thrived as an independent coalition for more than three thousand years, until it was defeated in the Unification Wars and later incorporated into the Mikaean Directorate of Xyon in 3752 YM. Another well-known example was that of Sichelia, which consisted of House Duran and House Arcenaux; with the former managing political and financial affairs, and the latter industrial and military affairs. On the opposite of the coin were nations which consisted of a single, shared household, most notably Surgia and Edenia with House Veilleux, and Oneillia and Azara with House O'Neill. Oneillia established a marginally-independent archon as the High Patron of Azara, though he was bound to House O'Neill his suzerain. Other nations were indeed named after their households, such as House Valen. However, during the atrocity widely known as the "Rape of Valen", the valley-bound nation was exterminated by Muria (under House Michaux), for siding with the Metians during the TBD Metian Incursion. The Rape of Valen remains the sole instance of one household destroying another, and has been memorialized for all time by the Mikaeans as the worst act of genocide in their history.

List of nationsEdit

  • Grand Patrimony of Oneillia – The greatest and most populous of the pre-unification nations on Xyon, Oneillia was established within the Verdent Plains during the First Great Diaspora during the Blossoming era. Oneillia's wealth and power exploded during the second era of Mikaean civilization, with great works of art, literature, and philosophy flowing from the country. However, the nation shattered nearly three decades before the start of the Tribulation era, with its collapse sending shockwaves across the planet, and hailing the beginning of Xyon's bloodiest historical period. Oneillia was reconstituted in TBD YM, by TBD, who unified the warlords and archons of the land under his rule, and rebuilt the nation. This event would herald the start of the Great Calm, a TBD century-long period of relative peace and prosperity that saw the least amount of bloodshed during the global Tribulation period. However, a war between Oneillia and Kordan would lead to a series of events that kicked off the Great Conflagration, the single deadliest period in Mikaean civilization, wiping out nearly 15-20% of the total population. Oneillia was one of the heaviest hit during that period of madness and atrocities, witnessing the rise of several tyrants and warlords, such as the White Witch, whose rampage across the Western Region with her army of Mikaeans was similar to that of Genghis Khan on Earth. Oneillia would collapse under its own weight yet again along with several other nations, and would only be rebuilt after a hundred years of darkness across the planet.
  • Kordanian Assembly – Considered the "second power" of Xyon after Oneillia, Kordan was the single most powerful household to challenge Oneillia for control over Mikaean civilization, and was the heart of the Sakranite religion. Founded following the First Great Diaspora as with its peers, Kordan was established amidst tragedy. After attempting to conquer the city of Blackstone, the birthplace of all Mikaeans, the other First Sons of Xyon banded together to expel the Kordanians from the region, leading to their fleeing from the Mikaean Coast to the far western edges of the continent. From this region, Kordanian culture and society blossomed, and came to serve as a counterbalance to Oneillian thought and teachings. Kordan would attempt on fourteen occasions, to usurp from Oneillia the title of "hyperpower", during the Kordanian Conflicts, losing each of the fourteen wars it started. As with all the other nations, Kordan effectively disintegrated during the Great Conflagration, as the stresses of war and tribulation took their toll on the mental and physical health of the High Patrons, and resulted in their spawning of violent and half-psychotic daughters, who rampaged across the surface of Xyon for more than a century.
  • Metian Empire – Often regarded as the "shadow empire" of Xyon for the constant fear it cast across both halves of Xyon, Metia is typically considered the second or third most powerful nation to have existed prior to unification depending on the state of global affairs of the given period. Established in 353 YM, Metia was founded from an alliance between the four exiled households known as the Rogue Fathers, who had settled in the Ebon Basin seeking refuge from their fathers and brothers. Growing in the background, Metia was first introduced to the world stage in TBD YM, when it first invaded Zveria during the First Metian–Zverian War, the former seeking to conquer the latter. Later on during the Tribulation era, Metia would be the only major power to remain largely unscathed by the chaos unfolding around it, in a series of bloody conflict, invade the Western Region of Xyon on at least six occasions, before the reconstitution of Oneillia saw Metian resolve falter in the face of superior numbers. Throughout the Great Conflagration, the ruling house of Metia, Archambeau, would battle against the three other households it had historically dominated for control over Metia.
  • Honorable Union of Sichelia – Sichelia, often called the "silent power", was a dual patrimonial state established between House Duran and House Arcenaux, within the Sichelian Plains. The two households jointly created the nation of Sichelia, with Duran taking up the fields of academia, finance, and industry, while Arcenaux oversaw the execution of war, agriculture, and diplomacy.
  • Northstar of Iconia – TBD
  • Patrimony of Zveria – TBD
  • Patrimony of Edenia – TBD
  • Grand Patrimony of Aluxia – TBD
  • Patrimony of Valen – The Patrimony of Valen was a small nation which flourished within the Vale of Valen from 1679 YM to 2134 YM. Established by Archon Valen I Michaux, the rogue archon of House Michaux in Muria fled into exile after violating the edict of his father forbidding the entry of non-Murian Mikaeans into the Eastern Region without paying an outrageous toll. Having viewed such forms of "soft" robbery upon fellow Mikaeans, Valen was passive in the enforcement of the toll, and was ultimately ousted from his lands. Rather than allowing his family to castrate him, preventing him from having any additional offspring, Valen fled into an uninhabited corner of Muria, where he founded the city of La Valle in 1679 YM. La Valle's existence was tolerated by Muria, and ultimately grew into acceptance after the death of Valen, his father, and his brothers. Over the centuries, La Valle and its brother city of Gardanne, now known collectively as Valen after their founder, came to be recognized as peaceful and tolerant urban centers welcoming of all Mikaeans, be they house sisters, outcasts, or even ferals. However, after four and a half centuries of peace and prosperity with few instances of war, Valen was subjected to the cataclysmic Rape of Valen during the height of the Great Conflagration. Millions of Valine Mikaeans were beaten, raped, and torn to pieces by hordes of feral Mikaeans and their Taedan handlers in 2134 YM. What was left of the Valine civilization was incorporated into Muria, and later the sector of Michaux during the unification of the planet.
  • Brotherhood of Meridia – The Brotherhood of Meridia, the country was founded by two archons who had established a "blood covenant" vowing to defend one another from their mutual enemies. Unlike most other dual household nations, Meridia was not an "honorable union", as both households within the state maintained complete control over their own affairs and functioned more like a confederations rather than a federal state. More an alliance of convenience, neither of the two ruling archons had much in common nor wished to remain allied, but feared an invasion by the feral population flanking them, rather than one another. Often regarded as the plug for the "feral problem", Meridia was bolstered by the powerful nations to its north in the Western Region, who wished to utilize Meridia as a buffer state against the rampaging feral Mikaeans who regularly invaded the region. Consequently, Meridia established a reputation and culture of self-reliance, xenophobia, and militancy required for them to survive in their homeland.
  • Honorable Union of Ankuria – TBD

Mikaean naming policyEdit

Male naming policyEdit

Following the Patron Accords in 53 YM, one of the edicts passed by the arrangement was the proper naming customs for Mikaean males and females. Though female naming policies would have a more formulaic background, the male version would envoke a more "traditional" feel. The naming policy is as follows:

  • <Given name> <Patronymic> <Numeral> <Holdfast> <Household>
  • Examples:
    • Connell Darragh X Drexel O'Neill (Connell X O'Neill)
    • Javad Ruhollah VI Ocracoke Kordan (Javad VI Kordan)
    • Ermengild Raymond IV Ville de Lumière Arcenaux (Ermengild IV Arcenaux)
    • Bruce Niall II Thayer Marshall (Bruce II Marshall)
    • Antoine Clément IV Verger Veilleux (Azemar I Archambeau)

On formal occasions and initial introductions, the full name is used by all individuals. Failing to do so is considered a grave faux pas that has ended many careers in the past. Given the length of such names, they are deemed impractical in an informal setting, at which point they are shortened to just the given name, numeral, and house name, on unofficial paperwork and media outlets following the formal introduction. Following that, any further interaction may simply continue with "Father <Given name>", which will suffice for all later conversations between a male Mikaean and any other females within the population. Male Mikaeans within the same household may refer to one another without any honorific, while those outside of the household will use the term "Brother" as a sign of respect.

Origin of namesEdit

Origin of Mikaean names
Household Origin Variant
O'Neill Irish Celtic
Morgan Welsh Celtic
Vellieux French Latin
Nazarov Russian N/A
Arcenaux French Germanic
Duran Catalan N/A
Kane Irish N/A
Kordan Persian N/A
Devereux French Greek
Archambeau French Occitan
Mason English Germanic
Shaw English Germanic
Ward English Germanic
Marshall Scottish N/A
Michaux French N/A
Graham Scottish N/A
Vikashev Russian N/A
Harper Scottish N/A
Blair Scottish Gaelic
Yakunin Russian N/A
Surnin Russian N/A
Madulin Russian N/A
Vandame Dutch N/A
Hayes Irish N/A
Boyd Scottish N/A
Lyons Irish Latin
Halphen French N/A
Grayson Scottish N/A
Wilson Scottish N/A
Kirillov Russian N/A
Merkushev Russian N/A
Warren French Germanic
Byrd English Celtic
Webb English Celtic
Chadov Russian N/A
Garret English Germanic
Hayden Irish N/A

Rulers of XyonEdit

List of High Patrons of MetiaEdit

# Name
Portrait Dates of
Household Notes
1 Azemar I Archambeau
(17 Cloudburst 294–
25 Alluvion 491 YM)
100px 337

(154 years)
Archambeau Fled from Edenia following a major dispute over who would control which lands during the First Great Diaspora. Left homeland for the uncharted east along with three other archons; all three from House O'Neill, who joined him as they were too young to fend for themselves in the wild. Utilizing his superior age and reproductive capacity, Azemar was able to take over the most fertile sections of the Ebon Basin and sideline his three peers. Within a matter of years, he established House Archambeau in defiance of House Veilleux, and under his patrimonial rule, sealed of access to the basin and forced the three smaller houses under his patronage. In doing so, Azemar had successfully established himself as the ruler of the newly founded Metian Empire in 353 YM, after securing himself as the hegemon in the basin.
2 Vezias I Archambeau
(2 Midwinter 349–
10 Evergreen 616 YM)
100px 491

(267 years)
Archambeau The first son of Azemar I Archambeau, was confirmed to serve as the heir of the empire following his father's creation of the Metian Empire in 353 YM. He was responsible for establishing the official relationship between the four households of Metia, and balancing out the powers within the Ebon Basin so as to prevent in-fighting. Vezias successfully negotiated the solidification of Archambeauasque power in Metia, in exchange for allowing the other households a degree of internal autonomy and a tribute system. Under Vezias' reign, Metia grew under peaceful conditions and developed enough on its own that it was able to successfully stand against the older great houses of the Western Region. Metian culture and philosophy prospered under his rule, and the country developed a more balanced approach to external affairs compared to its neighbors.
3 Azemar II Archambeau
(22 Mikaeaon 413–
6 Midthaw 668 YM)
100px 616

(52 years)
Archambeau Maintained the peaceful relations between House Archambeau and the three other households of the empire. Actively avoided conflicts wherever possible, believing that foreign entanglements would bring the armies of the First Sons into Metia, and destroy the empire's hard-earned peace and prosperity. Because of his views on foreign affairs, Azemar II enforced a strict toll system controlling who could and could not enter into Metian lands, as well as the lands beyond it. His policies would prevent the movement of Mikaeans into the east through the Central Region for more than half a thousand years.

Religion on XyonEdit

Denominations of MikaeanismEdit

Throughout the history of the Black Cross Church's history, there have been various interpretations as to the nature and meaning of the Mikaean Codex and the tenets and lessons within. Consequently, several denominations have emerged within the Mikaeanist faith over the centuries, though only four have survived into the modern-day: Anaisanism, Yvonnianism, Genevienism, and Evelinaitism.


Anaisan Mikaeanism, commonly referred to as Mikaean Zealotry, is the oldest of the four extant denominations of the religion, and the original interpretation of the faith. Established in 17 YM by Saint Anais, Anaisanism was founded as the bedrock of Mikaeanism as a whole, and grew rapidly over the course of several years. However, not long after it was established, Anaisanism faced a rival in the form of Genevienism, better known as Materialism, the concept that the creator of the Mikaeans was not a deity but a mere mortal who himself served a higher power. This was and still is at odds with the wider perception of Mikael as a divine entity of some sort, worthy of outright worship rather than mere lip service and passing respect. Anaisan doctrines have since set the bar for all Mikaeanist denominations to follow in terms of doctrine and practice, and Anaisan clerics control the body of the Black Cross Church today. Two-thirds of all Mikaeans follow the teachings of Saint Anais, though her doctrines have since been losing more and more ground to the non-Mikaeanist religions of Xyon for the last two thousand years. Any Mikaeans who do not follow the teachings of Mikaeanist Zealotry are written off as heathens, or heretics in the case of the various denominations of Mikaeanism.


Genevieine Mikaeanism, historically known as Materialism, was the second denomination of Mikaeanism to establish itself within the religious scene of the Mikaean history. Founded by Saint Genevieve in 24 YM, Materialism was founded on the principle that the creator of the Mikaeans, Mikael O'Neill, was not a deity or supernatural avatar, but a mere human who had utilized his knowledge of genetics and biology to create the Mikaeans. Rather, Saint Genevieve and her the followers promoted the idea that while Mikael was indeed worthy of respect and veneration for his role in creating them, he would not have wanted them to outright worship him as if he was a god. Indeed, Saint Genevieve herself had been his personal doctor, and knew what the man believed and wished for his children. Today, though the teachings of Saint Anais remain dominate within the Black Cross Church, Materialist Mikaeanism is considered the truest and purest form of Mikaeanism, as it gives way to Mikael's personal beliefs rather than those of his ardent worshipers, treating him as the man he was rather than the god they wish him to be.


Yvonnian Mikaeanism, better known as Reformed Zealotry, was founded in TBD YM as a "cleaner" version of the older and more traditional "mainstream zealotry" of Anaisan Mikaeanism. The denomination was instituted by Canoness Yvonne Lequiller of Anglet following her treatise on the nature of Mikaeanist Zealotry and the issues it was facing due to the inflexible dogma of the Black Cross Church. Her teachings won out in many regions of Xyon, gaining a vast following in her household of Devereux, and on the mainland in locations such as Kania and Duran. Indeed, the reformation movement Yvonne started came at a time when the endemic corruption of the Church was reaching new heights once thought impossible at the time. Today, Yvonnianism more than a tenth of all Mikaeanist adherents, and has been gaining much appeal among the younger generations of Mikaeans, deeply religious yet tired of the calls for "spiritual warfare" against their fellow Mikaeans. Reformed Mikaeanism is widely considered the future of the religion if the Black Cross Church does not clamp down on its embedded corruption, waste, and fraud, as well as find a way to establish a lasting peace with the other major religions of Xyon it has historically attempted to suppress.


Evelinaite Mikaeanism is by far the most violent and the most strict interpretation of Mikaeanism on Xyon, earning it its more popular name, Militant Mikaeanism. Originating in the TBD century YM, the denomination was founded by a prioress named Evelyn Quarrell from Woodacre, who advocated that the Black Cross Church was losing its status as the dominate faith on the planet to newer faith that had not existed during the lifetime of Mikael. Based on these concerns, she founded the Order of Militant Sisters, with the intent of aggressively promoting Mikaeanism across the planet and removing as many of the "false" religions from Xyon as within her power. Because of her violent efforts, Prioress Evelyn was excommunicated by the Church on the recommendation of several High Patrons. Today, Militant Mikaeanism has a following with about two percent of the global population, and the majority of religious terrorists are of Militant identity.

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