Fashion on Xyon has historically be lax and revealing by the standards of most human cultures and societies, focusing on the promotion of one's physical looks and beauty, with protection from the elements being of secondary concern. Haute couture, or "high fashion", as found on Earth has traditionally been lacking in the straightforward and simplistic culture of the Mikaeans, with the concept of white tie and black tie dress being unknown concepts to the average Mikaean. While fashion on Xyon has always been a blossoming industry, it caters to radically different tastes and norms for the Mikaeans, who are more driven and influenced by carnal and lecherous desires than by humans.


Dress norms on Xyon are infamously lax and permissive, with short skirts, tight pants, and lot-cut tops an omnipresent sight throughout the megacities of the planet. This is legitimized by the Mikaeans on the basis of three beliefs; all Mikaeans look the same, and thus have nothing another Mikaean hasn't seen before; there is nothing shameful about the body given to them by their creator, and hiding it would be an affront to him; and that all Mikaeans are apart of the same family, and families hide nothing from one another, not even their own bodies. Furthermore, Mikaeans are far more driven by their base sexual desires compared to humans, leading to a far more "lascivious" culture by the standards of existing human norms of behavior. As such, Mikaean attire quite literally leaves little to the imagination. Loose crop-tops, wide midriffs, sheer leggings, microshorts and short shorts, and the infamous nanoskirts are just some of the clothing styles that dominate the fashion scene on Xyon, and are extremely popular with Mikaean women. Mikaean nanoskirts are notoriously short, falling just below the crotch and buttocks, and providing no cover while seated or during windy days, not aided by the omnipresent act of "free-buffing" in Mikaean society.

Considered one of the "cultural shocks" between humans and Mikaeans, with the human population considering Mikaeans to be loose, immoral, and crass, whereas Mikaeans have considered humans to be prudish, obstinate, and puritanical, all based solely on the dress of the two species. When factoring in the advances in fabric material and production, and the creation of Mikaean pellicloth more than two centuries ago, or "skin clothing", Mikaean outfits have the ability to hug every crack and crevasse of the body, making Mikaean fashion sense even more inappropriate in the eyes of human observers. Due to the total lack of physical variation in the clonal Mikaean species, and aforementioned sexual predilections of the population, Mikaean women actively seek to set themselves apart from one another to garner attention to themselves, both to define themselves as unique and to upstage their sisters in the constant fight for popularity within the community. Whereas males are insular, reserved, and rarely seen outside of their palatial complexes, Mikaean women are deliberately provocative in their choice of clothing.

Indeed, male Mikaeans are the absolute opposite of their female counterparts, refusing to exit their homes without being covered from head to toe. Culturally-speaking, men are expected to be reserved while out in public, and maintain a decent image of themselves as the fathers of the species, being held to a completely different standard and set of moral norms than women. Full three-piece suits, dress coats, and ties are the primary attire of Mikaean men, who as a consequence of their public status, must present an particular image than Mikaean women are both unable and unwilling to maintain. Formal dress codes are applied to males when in public at all times, with the average male required to have a series of retainers prepared to groom them and maintain their image when away from their estates. Informal dress is solely reserved for time spent while at home and away from the public eye, where men are permitted to dress down as much as they wish, and frequently do in the comfort of their own home. While the standards applied to men are maintained for publicity's sake, male Mikaeans hold the same beliefs as their women, and are just as keen to dress freely when possible.


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