• High Father:
    • Lord Archon: The Lord Archon is the deputy to the High Father, supporting him as an courier of sorts in passing on his policies to the various branches of government. He heads the upper house of the Congress of Scions, known as the Assembly of First Sons, as advises Executor of decisions made by the Patronic Council on an unofficial basis. Likewise, the Lord Archon in his free time also consults with the Chancellor to convey the wishes of the households, such as their preferred voting patterns and desired legislative decisions. In this function, the Lord Archon is regarded as the link between the High Father and the Congress of Scions, and helps the High Father circumvent the Executor when needed to get his preferred legislation down to the Chancellor without having to go through either the Patronic Council or the executive branch of government. The Lord Archon is selected by the High Father from amongst 31 candidates presented to him by the Patronic Council from its members sons. So as to limit the influence of the High Father, his sons are not permitted to serve as Lord Archon. Given his various roles, the Lord Archon is widely considered one of the most powerful individuals in the Mikaegeny.
  • Patronic Council: The Patronic Council is responsible for advising the High Father on matters of government, and representing the views of the households in the government. The council consists of 32 members, all of whom are the High Patrons of the various households of the Mikaegeny, plus the High Father himself. The High Father is elected by the members of the council from amongst their own, with the victor becoming the new High Father and his eldest son replacing him on the council. The Patronic Council vets all Mikaeans seeking to enter the higher levels of government, namely, the Congress of Scions and the various branches of government. All major decisions made by either the High Father or the Congress of Scions, must be approved by the Patronic Council.


  • Executor: The Executor of the Mikaegeny is the head of government and the de facto leader of the country. She is, as her title suggests, responsible for executing the will of the High Father as per the policies outlined by the mandate he provides to her. The Executor is free to use whatever resources she has at her disposal to accomplish her mandate, and may appoint whoever she deems fit to aid her in that task to her Advisory Council so long as they are vetted and approved by the Patronic Council. The Executor is directly-elected by the population, after being vetted and approved by the Patronic Council. She is later interviewed by the High Father to debrief her on his desired policies, though she is only fully informed of his true intentions once she is elected. As with the majority of political offices, the Executor is female, as all the male Mikaeans are tasked with other important duties preventing them from serving in the position.
    • Deputy Executor:
    • Advisory Council:


  • Chancellor: The Chancellor of the Mikaegeny is the leader of the Congress of Scions and its lower house, the Assembly of Matrons, where her power is derived. She is responsible for breaking ties in the Assembly of Matrons, serving the the 289th vote in the assembly, and presides over all legislative functions in Congress. The Chancellor is likewise responsible for censuring members of her assembly, consulting with the Lord Archon of the upper house of Congress, and delivering the voted upon legislation to the Patronic Council to vet and sign off on as legitimate. The Chancellor is regarded as the leader of the legislative branch for two main reasons. The first being that in her position as an elected, rather than appointed official, she has greater moral legitimacy as the leader of the law-passing body of the government. The second reason is that in his position as the deputy to the High Father, the Lord Archon is more tied to the needs of the leadership than the legislative, which is further compounded by the fact that the Assembly of First Sons has little say in legislative matters aside from confirming the votes of the lower house.
  • Congress of Scions: The Congress of Scions is the legislative branch of the Mikaean government, consisting of 384 members, including two additional members, these being the Chancellor and Lord Archon, who both oversee the two bodies of Congress. The Chancellor is regarded as the leader of Congress as a whole, given her elected status and role as the overall representative of the will of the people. The Congress votes on laws, budgets, confirms declarations of war and the signing of peace treaties, and staff councils of various roles which investigate policies and procedures as required.
    • Assembly of First Sons: The Assembly of First Sons is made up of 96 members, all of whom are appointed by the individual members of the Patronic Council. The First Sons are responsible for signing off on legislation voted on by the Assembly of Matrons, serving as the upper house of the Congress. The body is made up entirely of male Mikaeans, who are all handpicked by their fathers on the Patronic Council to represent their household's political interests within the government. The councilors of the First Sons have no set term limit, serving at the pleasure of their individual High Patrons. Each house is entitled three seats in the assembly, ensuring that all are equally represented in the Congress' upper house. The leader of the assembly is the Lord Archon, who serves as the deputy to the High Father. The Lord Archon is appointed from a group of 31 sons of the various High Patrons, with the sons of the High Father himself excluded from the pool of candidates as a restriction of his influence in the Congress.
    • Assembly of Matrons: The Assembly of Matrons consists of 288 members, who are directly-elected by their constituents in line with the constitution of the Mikaegeny. The assembly serves as the lower house to the Congress, and is responsible for voting on new laws, budgets, and government policies. The body is made up exclusively of female Mikaeans, who are led by the Chancellor in the Assembly of Matrons. Matronic councilors serve a term of five years, which are staggered so that a fifth of all councilors are up for election every fifth year. The vetting period lasts for six months beginning at the start the fifth year, with campaigning allotted to a period of five months following the vetting period, and the election taking place on the final month of the year. This gives the Patronic Council enough time to vet all potential candidates, as well as enough time for the candidates to establish their platforms, campaign, and have the voters get to know them. At the end of the year, all councilors who failed to hold their seats vacate their offices, and the newly elected councilors are sworn in the next day.
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