Xanian weapons (X)Edit

Pistols (100)Edit

  • X-110 Crystalline Ballistics Handgun (Shard Pistol)
  • X-120 Crystalline Ballistics Automatic Handgun (Shard SMG)
  • X-130 Dark Energy Projectile Handgun (Dark Energy Pistol)
  • X-140 Void Wave Projectile Handgun

Shotguns (200)Edit

  • X-200 Close Combat Engagement Weapon (Scattergun)

Rifles and carbines (300)Edit

  • X-310 Crystalline Ballistics Automatic Weapon
  • X-320 Crystalline Ballistics Engagement Weapon
  • X-340 Crystalline Ballistics Sniper Rifle
  • X-360 Dark Energy Engagement Weapon
  • X-380 Dark Energy Automatic Weapon

Support weapons (400)Edit

  • X-410 Crystalline Ballistics Support Weapon
  • X-420 Crystalline Ballistics Heavy Support Weapon
  • X-430 Dark Energy Support Weapon
  • X-440 Dark Energy Heavy Support Weapon
  • X-450 Heavy Plasma Flamethrower
  • X-460 High-Explosive Munitions Weapon
  • X-470 Exotic Energy Wave Projector Support Weapon

Grenades and explosives (500)Edit

  • X-510 Dark Energy Concussion Grenade (Dark energy grenade)
  • X-520 Crystalline Fragmentation Grenade (Shard grenade)
  • X-530 Exotic High-Energy Explosive Grenade (Void wave grenade)

Starship and heavy weapons (1000-5000)Edit

  • X-1000 Crystalline Ballistics Anti-Material Cannon (Point defense/sardonikium shard cannon)
    • X-1100 Crystalline Ballistics Anti-Material Cannon/5mm
    • X-1200 Crystalline Ballistics Anti-Material Cannon/10mm
    • X-1300 Crystalline Ballistics Anti-Material Cannon/25mm
    • X-1400 Crystalline Ballistics Anti-Material Cannon/50mm
    • X-1500 Crystalline Ballistics Anti-Material Cannon/65mm
    • X-1600 Crystalline Ballistics Anti-Material Cannon/100mm
    • X-1700 Crystalline Ballistics Anti-Material Cannon/125mm
    • X-1800 Crystalline Ballistics Anti-Material Cannon/200mm
  • X-2000 Dark Energy Repeater Cannon (Short-range anti-ship/dark energy repeater)
    • X-2100 Dark Energy Repeater Cannon/Light
    • X-2200 Dark Energy Repeater Cannon/Medium
    • X-2300 Dark Energy Repeater Cannon/Heavy
  • X-2500 Exotic Energy Void Wave Projector (Long-range anti-ship/void wave projector)
    • X-2510 Exotic Energy Wave Projector/Light
    • X-2520 Exotic Energy Wave Projector/Medium
    • X-2530 Exotic Energy Wave Projector/Heavy
  • X-3000 Guided Exotic Energy High-Explosive Munitions (Long-range missiles/shadow missiles)
  • X-3500 Exotic Energy Shadow Cannon (Short-range anti-capital ship/shadow cannon)
    • X-3510 Exotic Energy Shadow Cannon/Light
    • X-3520 Exotic Energy Shadow Cannon/Medium
    • X-3530 Exotic Energy Shadow Cannon/Heavy
  • X-4000 Exotic Energy Shadow Beam Array (Long-range anti-capital ship/shadow beam emitter)
  • X-5000 Exotic Energy Dimensional Rift Cannon (Super-heavy anti-ship/voidspace destructor cannon)

Melee weaponsEdit

  • Monoblade
    • Monoclaws
    • Monoglaive
    • Mono-chakram
  • Void Battle Axe
  • Void Maul
  • Void Power Lance
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