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Ukali Interceptor




Maendeleo Corporation





Primary Users

Solaris Federation

Federated Worlds of Terra Nova

Number Built

~700,000-3 million


350,000 fedhas



"Just a fair warning; Remember to bring a small paper bag with you. Just in case."
—Kijeshi officer, commenting on the agility of a Ukali interceptor

The Ukali Interceptor is the foremost starfighter used by the Solaris Federation, and it's naval arm, the Merikebu. The Ukali interceptor is the most common fighter seen by observors of the Xai'athi's naval battles and scouting missions. It is typically seen in groups of five to seven, or as the escorts to larger bombers or corvettes. It is equipped with twin-linked polaron cannon, and two twin-linked kyon beam arrays. Also, it comes with six nanite missiles, and a single Tona Field, which is designed to scattered the particles of projectiles, and asorb the excess energy for usage in the fighter's generators. This gives the Ukali inhanced survivibility shared by few other fighters of the same class. Ukali interceptors fielded by Merikebu are usually piloted by Anugami, who can withstand the pressure thrown on them by the tight turns and flips of the starfighter. The added benefit of having multiple arms and perfect hand-eye cordenation, allows the Anugami pilots to operate several controls at once, and prevent other races from copying the designs, which have been talior-made for the Anugami.