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Victoria Archambeau


New London

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  • Queen Victoria V
  • Butcherer of Britannia
  • Little Vicky




Solaris Federation

  • Vashti Dominion


New London



"I can do whatever I want because I'm your queen fool. Remember that when I send your children to the gallows."
—Victoria Archambeau

The spoiled Victoria Archambeau, is the grand-daughter of Dieujuste Archambeau, and Queen of Britannia. She is noted for her cruel practical jokes and her high-risk trill seeking, which gotten her into trouble with both her grandfather, and the Britannian government. However, it is her intense hatred of her cousin, Akasha Madora, that has drawn the attenition of the Xai'athi to Britannian space. Dieujuste's choice to pass Victoria's father over for the inheritance of the Imperial Throne, in favor of her uncle, Johnathan Madora, has not gone to well for Victoria, and she is determined to keep the Dominion in the hands of the Archambeau Family, though such a misiion could result in a full blown civil war.


Early LifeEdit

Personality & TraitsEdit

"Dieujuste, why haven't you shot that girl in the head yet?
Because promised my son I wouldn't.
—Binadamu and Dieujuste, discussing their displeasure with Victoria

A sickening blend of playful cruelty and insanity, Victoria is repulsive even for a Blank. She shows form of compassion outside of things she lusts for, and despite her ultra-reactive additude, she maintains something of a cold composure when around her parents or grandfather (a wise move). Victoria is usually a drooling psychopath when can't get what she wants, and is keen to sink her teeth into anyone foolish enough to say "no" to her when she demands something. A girl of violent temper tantrums and homocidial outbursts, Victoria's subjects have learned from experience that giving her what she wants is the best way to have longer life, and far better for their health. She is in every way the opposite to her cousin, Akasha, whi is far more mature and tolerable. Victoria is known widely throughtout Vashti space as a crazy, paranoid ruler, not verring far from the already established image of the Dementi sub-breed of Vashti.

Several times in the past has Dieujuste thought of removing Victoria from her throne, but his promise to his son Felix to protect Victoria from usurpers, and Vicotira's own web of alliances, prevents him from taking any action. Victoria dislikes whatever she cannot control, and whatever it is can be assured a swift death. What ever she manages to get a hold of is made so dependent on her goodwill, that it cannot survive without her. Spoiled and rotten to the core, few of Victoria's family members have little tolerance for her kind of "humor", which can only be described as sinken, even for a hardened man such Victoria's grand uncle, Binadamu Madora. He has suggested many times that someone simply shoot the girl to death, and end the troubles of those she is oppressing, but few have the courage or will to kill Victoria.

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"I swear Dieujuste, that girl is living on borrowed time. If you don't deal with her, then I will. And trust me, it ain't goona be pretty when I'm through with her"
—Binadamu Madora