The Xai Ascendancy is the dominate empire within the larger Solaris Federation, acting as the arbitraitor of power for the Xai'athi people. It is made up of the Xai, a sub-breed of the larger Xai'athi race, and the most powerful of the species. The Ascendancy is lead directly by Binadamu Madora, the creator of the Xai'athi, and founder of Solaris. After a series of conflicts with the other Xai'athi, the Ascendancy assisted the other Xai'athi nations in creating Solaris, and today serves as the mouth, eyes, and ears of the Federation. The United Terran Coalition to the east has been attempting to regain territory taken from them by the Xai during the Great Solar War in 2420 AD. Currently, the Ascendancy has grown stagnant in recent years, do to the stranglehold the other Xai'athi nations have placed on it, fearing the Xai's growning power.